Don't have a big freezerbut want to get started 

eating locally?

Well....give our pork a try!

You can find  individual pork chops and ground pork, wild rice brats,  and breakfast little links at Natural Harvest Food Coop in Virginia, MN.   You don't have to be a member to shop there.

And now you can also find some of our pork

at the Trapline

liquor store/c-store in Embarrass!! 

Most Fridays of 2021 we plan to be at the Tower Farmer's Market, too! 

Fridays from  4-6 by the train! 

 Or you can buy it off the farm. 

More info and lots of pics along with prices....HERE

Have a big freezer? Great!!

Buying in bulk is easy.....Relax ...I used to be new to it, too! Call, text or email me and I will answer your questions. There aren't any stupid ones. Don't worry. I will take you through it step by step.

 It is such a good feeling to walk to your freezer and see all that meat wrapped up and ready for you.

It 's a feeling of comfort that you are provided for and  satisfaction that you know where your meat came from and how it ate and lived.  There is lots of info about ordering from us (prices, how it all works, what you get, etc) HERE. But if you don't want to read all that just give me a call. ~~~~ Mary Ann 

call/text - 218-290-9634

218-984-3235 or

or use contact us 

Thank you for your interest in our farm fresh pork! 

We are now taking orders for 1/2 hogs that will be ready the spring of  2021

We are pleased that we can offer locally raised pork to our customers two ways.....

by the Half Hog and by

Individual Cuts and Sampler Boxes

We raise our hogs on pasture rather than the confinement style hog barns  that the big operators use. The hogs are out in the fresh air and sunshine living like....well, like pigs!

They wallow in mud, romp around, and root up the pasture.  They keep themselves happy and busy. This is all  good for the pigs and good for the people who eat them.

Happy pigs living the good life! 

​.......a family farm

​in Embarrass, MN

Bear Creek Acres is proud to be a member of Minnesota Grown 

since 2008!

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