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One Pkg of Pork Chops

Bear Creek Acres is proud to be a member of Minnesota Grown

since 2008!

 Sampler Boxes of Pork! It occurred to us that maybe some customers would like to buy sort of a Starter Box, a Sampler sort of thing.  It is just a basic idea….I will happily substitute items, add items, or subtract some things. They might be even trades or maybe you will owe a couple extra dollars or we will knock a couple bucks off. We can work if out. 


If  you are interested and want to order or just  have some questions. Please call/text (anytime is fine) 218-290-9634, call the house at  218-984-3235 or email bearcreekacres@gmail.com. 

I am happy to work out free delivery to the Virginia, Aurora, Tower, Eveleth, Mtn. Iron sort of areas….farther out if I get a couple orders from the same general area. Or maybe you  could meet me somewhere? I am easy to work with….let me see if we can work something out with you.     ~~ Mary Ann

$50 Pork Sampler 

2 pkgs of pork chops

1 pkg of ground pork

1 pkg of Italian sausage

1 pkg of breakfast links

1 pkg of wild rice brats

2  - 1/2 # of bacon

Ground Pork! So versatile and juicy.....I wll soon have a link to some of my favorite things to do with ground pork right HERE.

$50 Sausage Sampler

2 pkgs of Wild Rice Brats

2 pkgs of breakfast links

 2 pkg of Italian Sausage

1/2 pound Bacon

​.......a family farm

​in Embarrass, MN

 The Convenience Store at Trapline Liquor in Downtown Embarrass is carrying our 

 Bacon, Italian Sausage, Ground Pork and Wild Rice Brats and Breakfast Sausage along with our ground beef!!

 You can also buy it directly from the farm by calling 218-984-3235 or call/text 218-290-9634 or email bearcreekacres@gmail.com . Contact us before coming to make sure we are home and to make sure we still have some of what you are looking for. 


(price may change without notice)
Pork chops …. pkg of 2... avg pkg weight 1 1/4 pound.........$6.oo/#
Country style ribs......avg pkg weight.....1 ¼ pounds.....$5.00/#
 Spare ribs.......avg pkg weight...1 ½ pounds.....$5.00/#

  Bacon ….1/2 pound pkgs.....$4.00 each
Plain ground pork.....1# pkgs......$5.00 each

Sampler Boxes....(scroll down for info!) .............$50.00 

Wild Rice Brats......one pound pkg.....$7.50 each

 Breakfast Little Links......one pound pkg.....$7.50 ea.
Italian Sausage......one pound pkg.....$7.50 each

odds and ends:
sack of unrendered lard....weighs about 5#......$5
pkg of bacon ends....weighs about one pound......$6

$50 Sampler

Not everyone has room in their freezer for a half hog.....or maybe you want to try the meat before you invest in a half hog.  Maybe you want to enjoy some yummy sausage that was made from happy hogs raised by a small farmer near you. Well then,  this page is for you!

Natural Harvest Food Co-op in Virginia has a full line of our products. You don't have to be a member to shop there. The general public is warmly welcomed.