Happy pigs living on pasture!

 We raise hogs of mixed breed that do well outside... not like the long lean dry tasting  hogs that the big confinement operations raise.

 If you are going to eat meat, why not eat better quality meat  that's been locally raised and humanely treated?

Never ordered pork by the half before? No worries....We know it sounds it sounds  scary. I'll help you. Don't be afraid to ask questions....there are no stupid questions. I used to be new to getting meat this way, too!

Here's how it works....

We take your order for a whole or half hog.  When you place your order, I will take your cutting orders. The questions are simple, and if you buy your family's groceries you can answer the questions....would you like your chops in packages of 2 or 3?  3/4 of an inch is standard thickness...is that okay with you? Do you like roasts that are 3-4  pounds (families of 2 or 3 like this mostly) or 4-5  pounds (larger families or families who like leftovers favor this) See isn't this easy? There will be a few more easy questions like this. Don't worry.....I'll help you with it step by step. 

We will talk about smoking your meat....

if you want the belly of your pig smoked...that's called bacon.  Unsmoked,  that piece of meat is called pork belly or side pork.  The rear end of your pig is called the ham.....unsmoked,  it is cut into fresh ham steaks and fresh ham roasts. If you want it smoked...that's a smoked ham roast....like you eat for Easter.  If you want either or both of these pieces smoked, we arrange to send it over to Fraboni's in Hibbing.  They will charge you about  $1.20 a pound for smoking the ham ( you get two nice "Easter" hams and a smoked  ham shank)  and if you smoke the belly, they will charge you about  $1.40 a pound for the bacon....it will be sliced and wrapped in about one pound packages.  

What does it cost?.....
When you buy meat this way it is based on the hanging or carcass weight of the animal. The processor will weigh it for us during the butchering process.  As of the spring of 2020, the price is $3.10 a pound (based on hanging weight) and our half hogs average 100 pounds (but we can range between 80 and 120 pounds). This price includes the processor's fees of  .60  a pound for slaughter, cutting, wrapping, and freezing your meat.  The only extra charges would be your smoking fees. We may need to adjust our price based on processing and feed costs.

What will I get?.......

The cuts you can expect from our local processor  are chops, steaks, roasts, spare ribs, side pork ( or bacon), ground pork, a package of pork neck bones and either fresh ham roasts and fresh ham steaks or smoked ham (see above) and your unrendered lard.   Assuming you choose to send your ham and belly to Fraboni's for smoking, the local processor will package it up in nice butcher wrap and pack it into a box that is about 19x19x15.  The ham and belly meat that went for smoking that will add another 25 pounds or so of meat  and you will receive that  when Frabonis calls you to go pick it up.

Did I forget to explain something? Something not clear? Call me and ask.....

218-984-3235 or 218-290-9634  ( call or text) or email me at bearcreekacres@gmail.com ~~~~  Mary Ann 


Bear Creek Acres

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