​.......a family farm

​in Embarrass, MN

Bear Creek Acres is proud to be a member of Minnesota Grown
since 2008!

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Our chickens are raised on pasture until it’s time to bring them to a small family business near Brainerd. There they are processed in a professional facility

under inspection by a Minnesota meat inspector.

The Nelson family does a

lovely job.

The birds are well cleaned and frozen neatly in sturdy bags.

They keep wonderfully!

Custom cutting and packaging is available for customers ordering multiple birds.

​​Thanks for your interest in our chicken!

We raise our chickens on grass, lots of space, fresh air, sunshine and a nice clean grain ration.  And of course....no antibiotics, no hormones, and no animal by-products. 

We have started chicks for 2017!!

We have already started taking orders. 

Chicken is  available in any amount.

Preordering is recomended but not always neccesary.

PRICES from 2016....not set for 2017 yet.

Whole Chickens...$3.00/#             8 Pieces ...  $3.25 /#

NEW! Batch of 4 .....$4/#

Smaller family? Don't need whole birds?

Buy......The Batch of 4!!

You can order 4 chickens and receive them packaged as follows:

1 package of 8 chicken wings (cut into drummies 16 pieces total)

2 packages of 4 chickens thighs

2 packages of 4 chicken legs

4 packages of 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 package of 4 chicken backs for soup making

(I have done some of these for my family's freezer the last couple year and am very pleased. We decided to offer it to our customers)

Our birds average 5 1/2 pounds which we have found to be a nice size to either cook by the piece or roast whole.

  Call Mary Ann at  984-3235 or call/text Mary Ann at 218-290-9634

 to get on the list or just to ask questions.

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Or email Mary Ann at


prices subject to change without notice