The Tower Farmer's Market has a fundraiser for itself and the Tower Food Shelf every year. Bear Creek Acres bacon was lucky  to be one of the parts of the BLT that got interviewed when Minnesota's Public Radio did a story about it in 2015. Here's a the radio interview!

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For a few days, it was pretty cold out, so  these young hogs were in the barn.....see how happy they are with all that straw? The huge hog operators don't give hogs straw. They stand on metal grating. All the time. :(

A little video of some very happy pigs who get to live the good life  outside.

In the spring we had this pasture fenced off so the cows couldn't tear up the soft ground with their hooves. 

This day,  Shannon  opened it up and invited them out. Aren't they happy?!

Here are a handful of little videos from our farm.........

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