About us.....

Bear Creek Acres is the family farm of Shannon and Mary Ann Wycoff and our  3 great kids.  We started out planning to just provide for ourselves..but people kept asking if we'd be willing to sell some of the stuff we were raising. So now we sell beef, pork (both  in 1/2 hogs... and in individual packages), chicken, and eggs.Shannon works at Northshore Mining, and I  am a  stay at home mom...though none of the kids need me at home anymore ! The kids are growing up and moving on. I enjoy making a nice home and providing homemade meals. I do chores when Shannon is at work, and he relieves me on his days off.We have a wonderful life.


Thank you for your interest in Bear Creek Acres. Our family takes pride in raising pork, chicken and beef that is safe and tasty.   We know that few people are familiar with the ins and outs of buying their meat directly from a local farmer. Not so long ago, it was commonplace to raise your own meat or buy it from a neighbor.  Sadly, this is not the case anymore.We'll take the time to explain the process to you.  Please call or email us with your inquiries.There are no silly questions. You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to stock your freezer with a variety of delicious locally raised meat.

Call 218-984-3235 or

How do we raise our animals?....

At Bear Creek Acres, we believe in raising our animals humanely.We believe in raising animals in an old fashion way.We are a small diverse operation without an emphasis on chemicals.It is probably not so different than the way your grandparents,or great-grandparents, farmed. Our emphasis is not on efficiency.Instead, our main concern is to have safe and tasty food for our family,and yours, to eat. All our animals are raised on all natural feed containing no antibiotics, no hormones, and no animal by-products.They are given room in the fresh air and sunshine to act naturally. They can root,scratch, romp and roam. They have no need to compete for space, feed or water.

.......a family farm

​in Embarrass, MN